If you have worked with the Geneos framework for as long as I have you know that anything is possible. The flexibility present in all three tiers – collection, analysis and visualization - makes for an extremely configurable product. But with that configuration can come confusion and hence the new website and content you see today, which, we hope, will better serve you.

As Senior Knowledge Manager, Steve Davies, discussed in a previous blog, The Tech Comms team have been, and still are, working hard to produce a wider set of documentation that encompasses more than just technical manuals. Case in point, Getting Started guides and How To’s, both of which aim to get the right level of information in front of the right person.

In addition to documentation, we have a lot of examples of stories that our internal tech teams tell upon completing a project, site visit or ticket. We want to get these stories written up and posted online so that others can benefit from them. To do so, we have created a technical blog. You’ll notice that you can comment on posts and we would encourage you to do so; feedback is always useful.

Underpinning the new site is a powerful enterprise search, available on every page. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the website and start typing: results will then be returned from all our websites. This powerful index of all our knowledge will get you where you want to go, quickly.

So, to add to the best-in-class monitoring framework for financial services, we have created a best-in-class knowledge framework, to which we will continue to add and improve. Stay tuned!  


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